Chingford Competition 2017

Chingford Competition 2017

This coming Monday sees a derby competition against our friends and rivals Chingford Photographic Society.

This is an annual competition between the two societies and will be held at;

Chingford Horticultural Hall

Larkshall Road

Chingford, E4 6PE

There is a small car park and plenty of on street parking.

Each Society will present 20 digital images to be judged out of 20. The highest aggregate score wins.

Last year Chingford beat us 244 to 242 in a very close contest.

Come along and provide support for Walthamstow!!


It was a close call, but we were beaten at Chingford on Monday by 2 points, having led all the way until just about the last couple of images.

Here’s how we scored, judged by Dave Wilcox, marked out of 10.

End of the Road by Philip Atkinson, 9.5
Angel Amongst the Stars by Philip Atkinson, 9.5
Leg Shadow by John Bark, 6
View from the Golden Jubilee Bridge by Thomas Barry, 8.5
Lost in the Mist by Andy Charles, 9
The Haunted Forest by John Cross, 10
Early Morning on the River Lea by John Cross, 9
Punk Isn’t Dead by John Cross, 8
White Amaryllis by Teresa Elwes, 7
Over the Horizon by Teresa Elwes, 8
Glory by Peter Hall, 7
Winter Crow by Giulia Hetherington, 6
Holy Innocents in the Mist by Giulia Hetherington, 7.5
Beach portrait by Keith Mautterer, 7
Something Fishy Going on by Keith Mautterer, 10
Gemma by Caroline Preece, 8.5
A State of Bliss by Mick Ralph, 10
Dom by Matt Russell, 7.5
The X Factor by James Thatcher, 8.5
The Doctor Calls by Michael Ward, 8

Below are our tens, plus one of Phil’s 9.5s  (the judge clearly didn’t mind that the lighthouse was on the left!!) for good measure. Oh, and we’re back there in four weeks’ time for the Basildon Trophy…
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Walker Trophy 2017 Projected Round 1

Walker Trophy 2017 Projected Round 1

The first competition of 2017 had a lot of entries, so much so that we were only able to show the first two entries from each person.

Even so 56 images were judged last night and the competition was tough.

Congratulations to Mike Ward for not only winning, but also securing 3rd place!! Can anyone catch him now?

Here are the winning images;

1st – Mike Ward – The Doctor Calls

01_Michael Ward_The Doctor Calls

2nd – Sue Shickle – Waterfall

01_sue shickle_waterfall

3rd – Mike Ward – Gateway to the City

02_Michael Ward_Gateway to The City

4th – Thomas Barry – View from Golden Jubilee Bridge

01_Thomas Barry_View from Golden Jubilee Bridge


Walker Trophy Projected 2017

Walker Trophy Projected 2017

The second round (of three) will take place on Monday 28th February.

Members can enter up to four images. Be aware that no image may be entered into more than two Walker Trophy competitions (projected or print).

Full rules are below as is the upload address.

Good luck.


It’s competition time again, the first of 2017.

It is the first round (of three) of the Walker Projected Competition.

Full competition rules can be found HERE

The competition upload page can be found HERE

Digital Image Specifications 

  • Image Size: 1920 pixels horizontal, maximum and 1024 pixels vertical, maximum
  • File Format: jpg

Digital Image Filename:

The filename must be of the format    “XX_Your Name_Image Title

  • XX is the number of your image in order of preference, eg 01, 02, 03, 04
  • Your Name is of course your name, eg. Matt Russell(spaces are allowed between names)
  • Image Title is the name of the image, eg. From the Top Deck of the Bus (spaces are allowed between words)
  • Please use an underscore in between the number, your name, and the title.  An underscore is “_
  • An example would be   03_Matt Russell_From the Top Deck of the Bus

Digital Image submission: 

  • Your images must be submitted by uploading them HERE
  • All images must be named correctly or they may not be shown
  • A small number of images may be accepted on USB drive on the evening. If there is not sufficient time to load these to the PC then they will not be shown in the competition.
Copped Hall Restoration

Copped Hall Restoration

On Monday we have the pleasure of welcoming Peter Warne to the Society.

Peter Warne is a member of Loughton Camera Club and has been photographing and documenting the wildlife around Copped Hall, holding study days and exhibiting there from time to time.

He will give us a quick introduction to what’s going on with the house, but his main talk will be about the wildlife to be seen in the various habitats. He will also try to anticipate questions we may have on wildlife photography and the value of fieldwork

From the Copped Hall website;

My involvement with the programme to investigate the wildlife of Copped Hall began in April 2012 building on the earlier work of Iris Newbery.  We have now published one of our short reports upon the findings – available through our regular sales channels – and I am pleased to report that the species list is already running to a total of 90.  The bulk of these species are birds because they are the easiest to see but we continue to add mammals and a wealth of invertebrates.

The joy of carrying out this work for the Trust is not just that for a biologist and would be photographer it is a wonderful opportunity.  It is equally the interaction I enjoy with the gardeners and restoration team.

Our builders Robert, Paul and Adam are very knowledgeable wildlife watchers and it was they who pointed me towards pied wagtails nesting in the rooftops of the mansion.

Paul and Adam also have the doubtful honour of having their pictures of a young little owl included in the presentations I have been making to various institutions in the area. This was a particularly important find after finding a dead owl last year and fearing we might have lost our breeding pair.

On the subject of owls, we know from the evidence of barn owl feathers that we still have breeding pairs of this beautiful bird locally and a male tawny owl makes its presence known by hooting at least twice a day.  Heard but rarely seen.  Our other birds of prey continue to attract attention and kestrels, sadly declining elsewhere, are frequent sightings alongside good numbers of buzzards.

Peter will be holding photography workshops at Copped Hall in 2017.

17th May 2017 – £25 – Wildlife at Copped Hall

12th August 2017 – £50 – Close up of flora and Fauna

You can see more of Peter’s work on Flickr.

Competitions 2017

Competitions 2017

Below is the provisional list of both internal and external competitions of the Society.

Be aware that there may be changes which will be announced in the newsletter and in meetings.

Competition/Exhibitions Date Last entries Image type Location Judge
Autumn and Winter 09/Jan/2017 08/Jan/2016 Projected Greenleaf Road Members vote
Walker projected 1 30/Jan/2017 29/Jan/2017 Projected Greenleaf road Ken Payne
Slide battle with Chingford 13/Feb/2017 06/Feb/2017* Projected Chingford Dave Wilcox
Walker projected 2 27/Feb/2017 21/Feb/2017 Projected Greenleaf road John Woolliams
Basildon Trophy 13/March/2017 06/Mar/2017* B&W Prints Loughton Graham Parry
Walker projected 3 20/March/2017 19/Mar/2017 Projected Greenleaf road Dave Wilcox
Camera craft cup 23/March/2017 12/Mar/2017* Projected Enfield, Gentleman’s Row Colin Southgate FRPS, CPAGB
1 in 100 competition 10/April/2017 03/April/2017* Projected Chingford Sarah Kelman
Walker prints 1 24/April/2017 24/April/2017 Prints Greenleaf road Ken Payne
Chigwell 4 way ??? Projected Chigwell Camera club
The Barking Colour cup 11/May/2017 ??/May/2017 Prints Eastbury Manor, Barking Dr Roger Winter
Walker prints 2 15/May/2017 08/May/2017 Prints Greenleaf road
In the style of… 22/May/2017 22/May/2017 Projected Greenleaf Road Members vote
E17 arts trail 03 – 18/June/2017 22/May/2017* Prints Ye old Rose and Crown N/A
Walker print 3 12/June/2017 05/June/2017 Prints Greenleaf road
Winns gallery Aug/Sep 2017? Prints Lloyds park
Centenary Trophy 11/Sep/2017 04/Sep/2017 A/V Show (max 5 mins) Greenleaf Road Members Vote
Albert Bale 25/Sept/2017 18/Sept/2017 Portrait prints Greenleaf road
Ware 8 way Oct/2017? Prints TBA
Goddard trophy 09/Oct/2017 02/Oct/2017 Panel of 4 prints Greenleaf road
Alan Coleman Trophy 19/Oct/2017 ??/Oct/2017* B&W prints Eastbury Manor, Barking Naomi Saul
Annual exhibition 23/Oct-28/Oct 2017 09/Oct/2017 Prints & projected Welcome centre
Bert Whittern Shield 24/Oct/2017 22/Oct/2017* Prints Welcome Centre
Grainger Trophy 25/Oct/2017 22/Oct/2017* Projected Welcome Centre
Loughton Anniversary Trophy ??/Nov/2017 ??/Oct/2017* Print & Projected Loughton
Chigwell 4 way ??/Nov/2017 ??/Nov/2017* Prints Chigwell
Print battle with Chingford 20/Nov/2017 13/Nov/2017* Prints Greenleaf road

The above chart is intended to be a summary of the competitions and exhibitions we will be taking part in, in the coming year. For internal competitions the ‘Last entry by’ is the latest date that your entries must be with the competition secretary (John Cross).

  • For projected images this date is the Sunday before the Monday of the competition. (
  • For Printed images this is the Monday preceding the date of the competition.
  • If you need your images printed and mounted then this needs to be done in plenty of time to meet the ‘Last entry by’ date. Ian ( Ian Waterman can print and mount these for you but can’t do them all at the last minute! Late submissions may not be admitted!
  • For external competitions (marked with a ‘*’) the date is earlier as a selection committee will need to meet beforehand to decide which images will be entered
  • Images for internal, projected competitions should be no larger than 1920 pixels on the long side and named as follows: NN_Jane Doe_ A print title.jpg, Where NN is a number (01, 02, 03 ETC.) and ‘_’ is an underscore.