Mick’s Summer Walk – 2015

Mick’s Summer Walk – 2015

On Monday 22nd June there will be no meeting at Greenleaf Road as we’ll be doing our annual summer walk, organised by Mick Ralph.  It’s always a great evening so do come if you can, and of course – don’t forget your camera!

We’ll be meeting at London Bridge tube station at 7pm. Meet in the concourse at the top of the main escalators (by the Jubilee Line). 

The walk last year was rudely interrupted by a torrential downpour, so this year things pick up from where they were left off.

If you can’t make it for then, get in touch for a mobile number so we can let you know where we’ve got to.

Mick has selected a good pub to finish the evening off in – somewhere near Tower Bridge.

Mick’s City Walk

Mick’s City Walk

Once a year Mick Ralph organises a City Walk.

These are the images from a few members.

Should any other member wish their photos to be included please send them through.

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Abney Park Cemetry

Abney Park Cemetry

Abney Park in Stoke Newington, London, formerly one of the ‘magnificent seven’ garden cemeteries of London, is now a woodland memorial park and Local Nature Reserve managed by the Abney Park Trust.


In November 2012 there was an outing to the park where approximately 8 members attended.

Below are a selection of some of the images.


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Donna Nook

Donna Nook

[pullquote style=”border-left”]Donna Nook National Nature Reserve (NNR) is probably the best place within the U.K. for photographing grey seals. Each year, as autumn rolls into winter, hundreds of grey seals begin hauling themselves out onto Donna Nooks’ sandbanks to give birth to their pups. Here the most important activities of the grey seal calendar are played out, giving photographers unprecedented opportunities to capture dramatic pictures of this spectacular period.[/pullquote]

A couple of links for those interested;



In early December Stefan Bronka, David Elms, John Cross and Ian Waterman made a trip up to Donna Nook.

Here are a selection of images kindly provided by John Cross.


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Fungus Hunting

A bunch of tough members braved the freezing cold, the wet, and the mud to get some great photos of fungus they found in the High Beach area of Epping Forest.

Here are some examples of the photographs taken.

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