Walker Trophy – Round 3

Walker Trophy – Round 3

Walker Trophy (Round 3, projected), 24th March
Deadline for entries: 23rd March.  Judge: Pauline Martindale

The deciding round for the projected Walker Trophy.

Who will take the trophy?  Caroline, Keith, John, Mick or perhaps Phil.

As we have seen from the last two rounds we have had two people who managed to get 2 images into the top 4!

Does this mean Caroline (the other one) come up on the rails to win?

Whatever happens there are sure to be plenty of great images to view.

Walker Projected Round 2 2014

Walker Projected Round 2 2014

The second round of the Walker Trophy (projected) saw another great entry with 67 images submitted for judging.

Congratulations to Caroline Preece for her winning entry Waiting for the Parade.

1st     Caroline Preece – Waiting for the Parade

2nd   John Cross – Pink and Blue

3rd    Mick Ralph – Run for it

4th    Mick Ralph – Shadow Line

The third and final round is on the 24th March with the competition wide open.



All Entries

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Walker Projected Round 1 2014

Walker Projected Round 1 2014

The first competition of the year saw 69 digital images entered (up to 3 per member) and was judged by Marc Edwards of Ware Photographic Society.

The standard of entries was very high with the judge finding it hard to choose a winner.

1st  Keith Mauterer – Winter Sails

2nd Philip Atkinson – Silhouette Sunset on the Tyne

3rd Keith Mauterer – Pith to Seville

4th John Bark – Dolomites in Grey



The judge gave a ‘Highly Commended’ award to the following 3 images;

Peter Hall – Golden City

Thomas Barry – Lookout

Caroline Preece – Reeds on Flooded Wetland


All entries to the competition can be found in the following gallery (including winners).

If you click on any image a lightbox will open and you can toggle through the photos with the arrow keys.

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Walker Trophy – Projected 1 – 2014

Walker Trophy – Projected 1 – 2014

Walker Trophy (Projected) – Entry Details

The first round of the Walker Trophy (Projected) competition will be this coming Monday – 27th January 2014.

There are 3 rounds to the competition with the winner being the person with the highest aggregate score over the three rounds.

Points are awarded depending upon the number of entries as per the following table;


Number of entries Places and Points Awarded
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1 – 15 9 7 5 Nil
16-26 10 8 6 Nil
27 & over 12 10 8 6

In addition to the above, every competitor’s first two entries in each monthly competition will each receive one point.

Each member can enter up to four images.  The number that will be shown will be dependent upon how many entries that are received.

In 2013 only 3 images were allowed in Round 1, but in Rounds 2 & 3 members were able to show 4 images.

Resolution of images submitted

The new laptop that has recently been purchased allows us to connect to the projector by HDMI cable.

The use of the HDMI cable means that we can take advantage of the full resolution of the projector.The maximum resolution is now 1920 (horizontal) x 1080 (vertical).Just to clarify, your image won’t be stretched to fit this size, so;

Example #1:  If you submit an image 1920 (h) x 700 (v) this is the resolution it will be shown.

Example #2:  If you submit an image of 1920 (h) x 2160 (v) it will be shown as 960 (h) x 1080 (v). This is because the vertical resolution needs to be halved and therefore the horizontal resolution will be to keep the aspect ratio correct.

Files will be shown as submitted and will not be resized by the competition secretary. Last year Matt needed to resize a great number of images.

Should you have issues with resizing images please speak to Philip Atkinson or John Cross for advice.

Alternatively, check out these YouTube videos;

Photoshop Elements – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJuKCnw0DI0

Photoshop CS5 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pTCipNR8zM

Picasa – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8F0rF5eQek

Naming of your images

It is important that files are named correctly.The format is;

Number_Your Name_Title of Image

for example;

02_John Cross_A Mountain

Number – this will be either 01, 02, 03 or 04.   This is the order of priority of your images should there be too many entries for the competition.So, if it turns out that only two images of each person can be shown these will be those starting with 01 and 02.

Name – we need to know who you are.  This is the only means we have for this once the images have been downloaded.

Title – this will be shown on the screen for 5 seconds when the image is first displayed.

It’s all about the UNDERSCORES!

The use of underscores is vital.  We have set up the software to identify these and split the file name into the 3 component parts of;


If underscores aren’t used correctly then the images won’t display correctly.The underscore is on the key to the right of 0 (zero) and is accessed by pressing along with the SHIFT key.

If you are having issues with the naming of images please highlight this when submitting your images, or speak to John Cross or Philip Atkinson.

Submission of Images

The simplest way to submit images is by email.The e-mail address for images is;


The mailbox is being monitored by John Cross.  John will send a simple acknowledgement to the sender.Images can also be given via CD, DVD, USB drive or file transfer service such as Dropbox or We Transfer.

Please don’t use a transfer service where the recipient needs to sign up for an account, eg. Skydrive.

The deadline for submission is 5pm on the Sunday prior to the competition.If you wish to ‘break’ the deadline you must get agreement from John Cross

Goddard Trophy 2013

Goddard Trophy 2013

On Monday evening last the 2013 Goddard Trophy took place.

It was probably the strongest competition of the year with a great depth, and variety of panels submitted.

Click HERE to see some of the entries.  If you wish your panel to be shown on the page please send images to phil @wdps.org (with no spaces).

The winner was Ian Waterman.

Albert Bale 2013

Albert Bale 2013

This competition is a print competition for human portraits.

The winner this year was won by David Elms.  The winning image is above and a selection of entrants below.


Steve Fugler to send Wally ReadyForBatlle IMG_0232_3_2 IW2 Jackie Robinson_Bale_Norma Katrina PA1