Christmas Party 2016

Christmas Party 2016

Well Xmas party (too lazy to write Christmas) is upon us again, so dodgy speech from me and raffles. Had a panic on the food front but thats been sorted.

Raffles will have a few photographic items, I have stuck in a brand new set of ND and Grad ND filters with holders, Phil has a camera bag to be won and there will be a Fat Cat print voucher plus the normal bits I would assume.

If you haven’t got ticket yet Pauline may be able to sort it still so e mail her. Might be possible to pay on the night.

It’s a social evening so get along and be sociable.

It’s the last meeting of the year, but we might be in a pub the following Monday details to follow.

Finally don’t forget the first week back is a members evening you get the chance to vote on the “Winter” competition. SO get out and get taking.

Anyway Enjoy the Hostilities.

All the best.



Albert Bale Competition 2016

Albert Bale Competition 2016

This coming Monday sees the return of the Albert Bale Trophy.

This is the only competition of the Society with a specific theme – A Human Portrait. It doesn’t need to be a posed portrait, it can be a portrait in the widest context.

It is a print competition where only Two entries are allowed per member.

Dimensions of the maximum mount size are 20” x 16” or 50 cm x 40 cm.

Prints can be either Black & White or Colour.

Summer Photography Course – 2016

Summer Photography Course – 2016

The 2015 course proved to be very popular with over 30 people attending, a number of whom still regularly attend and are active within the Society.

In 2016 the course will run from 27th June until 15th August – Monday evenings 7.45pm – 10pm.

It is highly likely to be oversubscribed so if you are interested in attending please sign up as soon as possible.

The course is both practical and theoretical with the simple aim that by the end of the course you will take better photographs.

Over the years hundreds of people have attended, enjoyed, and gained from taking part in the course.

We find that people attend for a whole variety of reasons with common reasons being;

  • Stuck in a rut of taking snapshots and wanting to take quality photos instead
  • Buying a dSLR and never taking it off the automatic setting
  • A rekindling of an interest in photography
  • Technique and science of photography
  • Photographic outings
  • Practical assignments

There will be at least 3 outings on weekends in the Walthamstow area.  Additionally each week practical assignments will be set which relate to what has been covered that week in the course.

This practical work is optional and whilst reviewed this is done anonymously.  Many people find this the best aspect of the course as it stretches photographic skills into areas they may not previously have taken.

We find that most people tend to own dSLR cameras but bridge or compact cameras are often owned.  In the Society many people use bridge or compact cameras including competition winners.



The price of the course is only £65 and this includes membership of the Society until September 2017


“I did not arrive with any particular preconceptions or specific expectations. Course has been very enjoyable and I am very happy with the content.”


“From my perspective the course has had a nice balance. I have sought to attend on Monday evenings and to participate in the field events.”


“As a novice I have learnt a great deal about photography and camera settings”


“I joined the 2013 Walthamstow Photographic Society Summer School.  Prior to this my photography was limited to trying to get better holiday photos than my friends, and I had never taken the camera off auto.

At the Summer School I learnt about the different settings on my camera, how to technically take a good photo, how to be creative taking photos, and most importantly from the homework I was encouraged to try photographing a whole range of different subjects pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Two years later, thanks to the start given at the Summer School, my photography and confidence has come on in leaps and bounds.

I enjoy entering the club competitions and interclub competitions and in 2015 I won the 1 in 100 interclub competition had 6 acceptances for the Southampton International Exhibition.” – Caroline Preece


Understanding all the knobs, buttons and symbols on your camera and what menu items mean.

    • How to use the Shutter Speed to get the correct exposure or use it to create creative images.
    • How using different Apertures impacts on what is in sharp focus in your images and how to use this Depth of Field for creative image making.
    • Understanding the Aperture/shutter speed relationship.
    • How to Focus and the different in-camera focusing modes available.
    • How to use ISO to cope with different lighting and photography conditions and for creative image making.
    • How to expose images correctly using all the above to improve your images and how to utilise this for creative effect.
    • How to use your camera’s light meter and the various options for in-camera light metering.
    • How to hold a camera and various ways of supporting one for different photographic tasks.
    • Holding the camera – low shutter speeds, technique for different lenses.
    • Exposure modes and what they are best for.
    • What lenses to use for what tasks and understanding focal lengths.
    • How to look after your equipment.

Understand the different rules that can help improve the composition of an image

  • Rule of thirds
  • Keeping horizons straight
  • Using other aids such as framing, lead in lines etc to improve your image
  • Understand what format to use;  landscape, portrait, square, letterbox, panorama
  • Understanding how your position impacts on the final feel of the image
  • Knowing when to break the ‘rules’

  • Moving objects.
  • Panning.
  • Difficult conditions

Managing your images digitally.

  • Moving your images from camera or card to computer
  • Understanding workflow and adopting a workflow model that works for you
  • File management including filing structure, tagging, naming and cataloguing images
  • Looking at software options;  free, hobbyist and professional
  • Preparing your images for printing or other media
  • Presenting your images

A overview on Portrait photography from a professional portrait photographers point of view.

Digital Processing and image adjustment.

Basic adjustments in Photoshop Elements:

      • Levels.
      • Shadows and Highlights.
      • Brightness and Contrast.
      • Straightening.
      • Cropping.
      • Cloning.
      • Red Eye Elimination.
      • Resizing images.
      • Sharpening.

  • Understanding lighting and the effect it has on your final image.
  • How the quality of light changes though the day.
  • How different conditions may cause a Colour shifts and how to rectify this.
  • Working in adverse weather conditions that change the quality of light.
  • Reflectors.
  • Flash / Fill in Flash.
  • Common lighting set-ups

  • What you can and can’t photograph, when and where
  • How to protect your images.
  • Ways of granting to others the right to use your images

Previous attendees have came from Walthamstow, Leyton, Leytonstone, South Woodford, Woodford, Wanstead, & Chingford.

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First Meeting of 2016

First Meeting of 2016

Happy 2016!

We hope you have all had a good Christmas and New year break and are looking forward to a great 2016 programme, once again put together by Giulia Hetherington.

The first meeting of the year is a low key affair -a member’s evening with a ‘just for fun’ competition on the theme of Winter.

Will we see any photos of the floods, or do members not venture north of Watford Gap?

Members can submit up to three photos, with the usual title format;

01_Philip Atkinson_A Dead Good Photo of Newcastle

02_Philip Atkinson_A Flood

03_Philip Atkinson_Not much of a Winter

If you don’t know how to rename a file then check out these tutorials;

For 2016 we will be using the online submission facility which can be found by clicking this link.

Should you have difficulties with the upload system then please send images to

Please avoid bringing a USB drive on the evening unless both above methods have failed. All images will be pre-loaded onto the specialist program we use to show competition images before we arrive at the hall. Adding images on the evening is not only time consuming but can cause errors.

Photos may be of Winter 2015/16 or Winter 2014/15. They must not have been shown in any competition before, or in the Annual Exhibition.

The new projector displays in HD which is 1920 pixels wide by 1024 pixels high. Please ensure your images fit these criteria.



Exhibition Review – 2015

Exhibition Review – 2015

Following on from the success of our Annual Exhibition in the Welcome Centre this evening we have a review of the exhibition.

Unfortunately Malcolm Hardie the judge is not able to make it up from Whitstable tonight so we shall be conducting our own review.

All of the digital images entered into the Grainger Trophy on Wednesday evening were class winners, or certificate winners.

We shall go through the images and compare and contrast the comments from Malcolm and Gordon. There are some big differences!!!

In addition we shall have the time to showcase some prints, and should you wish to talk for a couple of minutes about your prints the opportunity will be available. They don’t need to have won any award – after all judges aren’t always right!

Featured image above is Autumn Angel by Philip Atkinson winner in Class B.

Class A Winner is Night Train by Peter Hall

peter hall photographer

Class C winner was Gate to the Forest by Mike Ward

mike ward photographer


New Members Evening – 2015

New Members Evening – 2015

We have a special evening this coming Monday (the 24th August 2015), dedicated to new members and prospective new members.

If you have a keen interest in photography then joining the Walthamstow and District Photographic Society then why not pop along to The Bell to see what the Society is all about.

You don’t need to own a lot of high-end kit or need specialist knowledge, just a love of taking photos.

Our members have dSLRs, compacts and camera phones, shoot digitally and on film and across many genres including people, landscape, street, natural history etc.

We enjoy a lively programme of talks from visiting photographers, how-to sessions, competitions, exhibitions, trips out and social events.

On Monday we will have a team scavenger hunt (taking photos), a talk about the Society and plenty of time to mingle and chat to existing members. So please bring along your camera!

It can always be a little awkward to wander into a ‘strange’ club but we can assure you you will be made to feel very welcome.

Our membership is extremely diverse with people of all races, nationalities and ages. It’s not a club of middle aged men! Indeed women probably make up 40% of attendees on a Monday evening.

If you have any questions before Monday, or simply want to let us know you will be turning up please use the CONTACT FORM.