All members of the society are able to have a gallery on this site.

There are 2 ways to do this;

  1. Hosted on the site
  2. Fed into the site by Flickr

An example of a gallery hosted on this site is Ian’s Gallery

An example of a gallery fed via Flickr is Peter’s Gallery

As you will see the images are presented in a slightly different way.

You will have greater control if you choose the Flickr route as once the gallery is set up you have total control over your gallery.  If you add or remove photos they will automatically change on this website.  We can either link to your Photostream, or to a Photoset you create.

For instance if you created a Group called WDPS we can link to that and whatever is in that group will be shown.  You can add or remove photos at will and any changes will be reflected here.  Basically it just looks as if the images are on this site, in fact they are still hosted on Flickr.

Should you wish us to use a gallery using Flickr simply e-mail me your username to  Make sure you tell me who you are as this isn’t always apparent from an e-mail.

Should you wish your gallery to be hosted directly on this site there are a few options;

  1. e-mail images to
  2. use Dropbox or a similar service
  3. provide me with the images on a Monday evening (disc or USB drive)

I am placing images on the site at 800 pixels on the longest edge.  If you don’t have the facility to bulk resize then it will be impractical to e-mail them due to their size so use method 2 or 3 instead.

It always makes a gallery more interesting if there are words to go alongside the images.  This may be what inspires you, what equipment you use, what type of photography you like to take etc

In addition to the member galleries it is also possible to use the WDPS Blog to showcase your photos.  I’m envisaging this to be used by members if they have a set of photos with a particular theme  – perhaps they have just visited Canada for instance and wish to show members the images.  So many photos of one subject may not sit right in a member’s gallery but would a good place to show to other members.

Any questions please e-mail or leave a comment below (you need to be logged into Facebook to do this – it’s an anti-spam feature).