I just thought I’d share of where we stand in Google search results.

I’m tracking various keywords and the chart below shows where we stand in the listings.

Should anyone have suggestions for keywords to be tracked just have a word with me (Phil Atkinson).


Keyword Current
wdps 1
walthamstow and district photographic society 1
walthamstow photography 1
walthamstow camera club 1
E17 Camera Club 2
Walthamstow photographic society 1
E17 photographic society 1
Walthamstow photo  club 1
E17 photo club 2
walthamstow photo course 1
e17 photo course 18
walthamstow photographer 1
e17 photographer 50
camera club london 58
photographic society london 19
chingford camera club 2
chingford photographic society 9
woodford camera club ?
woodford photographic society ?
E17 photography 37