Christmas Party

Christmas Party

xmas poster 2013

Get your glow sticks out – it’s the party of the year.

Join us on Monday for the WDPS Christmas Party.  Our very own Trevor is playing in Petty Cash;

[pullquote]PettyCash was formed in 2009 from the members of a guitar club. The original band consisted of seven members, six guys and a girl drummer, playing just about every kind of music from the 1950’s to the present day, playing mostly at private parties, festivals and fund raising events.

By late 2011 the original band had started to break up following the loss of our lead singer and lead guitarist. In 2012 our drummer left the band to have a baby. The band now down to three people, had become a simple string band playing mostly simple acoustic sets, then in early 2013 the band were joined by Dave Williams, lead vocalist, harmonica player and percussionist and Claire O’Brien guitarist and vocalist.

PettyCash with a new lineup is back, having fun playing all our old favorite covers and good singalong songs at private parties and fundraising events. The band also hosts an Open Mic Night on the third Thursday of every month at the Old Hall Tavern, Chingford.[/pullquote]

1 in 100 Competition

1 in 100 Competition

This is an external competition being held at Chingford Camera Club so there is no meeting in E17.

Members are of course welcome to attend at Chingford.

Each club is allowed to enter 25 digital images but the competition is an individual one.

No 2nd, 3rd or 4th place – just one winner.  Could it be a member from the Walthamstow & District Photographic Society?

The judge is Roger Winter.

Call for Entries – Two competitions

Call for Entries – Two competitions

From Matt Russell

Should  you wish your entries on the website please send to

We have 2 competitions coming up this month.


Walker Print Competition Round 1 – 22 April

Maximum of 4 images per person, maximum mount size is 500mm x 400mm (or 20 inches by 16 inches in old money) There is no limit ot the image size, just the overall mount size.

Please bring your mounted prints to the club meeting on Monday 15 April at the latest. Please let me know the order in which you want the images presented as I need to put name stickers on the back and make up the list.

Alternatively you could take advantage of Ian’s printing and mounting service, he tells me that the latest you can get the images to him is also 15 April. If you do this you must also give me the names of your images and the order in which you want them presented so I can sort out the list and get name stickers for your images.



1 in 100 Competition – 29 April at Chingford

This is not a club competition. This is personal! There is one winner and they take home the trophy! Each club can put in 25 digital images (4 clubs see?)

Maximum of 2 images per person, taken in the last 2 years by replying to this email by 12 April at the latest.

No matter if your image is landscape, square, portrait or ovoid the maximum number of vertical pixels should never be more than 768 pixels and the maximum number of horizontal pixels should never be more than 1024 pixels. If 25 people put in images then only your first image will be put forward, if more than 25 of you put in images then the first 25 will be taken.

Please make sure that the image file name is like this “XX_YourName_ImageTitle”

  • XX: Your file should be numbered in order of preference 01 or 02.
  • _ Is an underscore “_” not hyphen “–”
  • YourName: Your name as one word.
  • ImageTitle: The title of the image as one word so the file name will look like – “01_MattRussell_MoreBlur.jpg”.

Please do not send any images to my home email as I’m on holiday from 6 – 13 April. Ian is picking up the images and doing the business for this competition.


Competition versus Chingford

Competition versus Chingford

Well we were well beaten by Chingford in our first external competition of 2013 losing out by approximately 1.5 points per image.

Congratulations to Stephanie who was our highest placed entry.


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