Albert Bale Memorial Trophy

Albert Bale Memorial Trophy

It may come as a surprise that it is shortly time for the Albert Bale Memorial Trophy.

This competition has been moved from Autumn to June 17th 2013.

This is the only competition of the Society with a specific theme – A Human Portrait.

It is a print competition where only ONE  entry is allowed per member.

Dimensions of the maximum mount size are 20” x 16” or 50 cm x 40 cm.

Prints can be either Black & White or Colour.

No need to pre-register for this competition.  Simply bring along your print on the evening.




Portrait Lighting

Portrait Lighting

Following on from the portrait evening this video shows 5 different classic lighting techniques if you are using flash lighting.





Portrait Lighting for Photography and Video! from Jay P. Morgan on Vimeo.


There are several lighting positions that photographers have developed over the years. People like George Hurrell, who used tungsten to shoot stars, used these lighting positions. Learn to identify what a butterfly or Rembrandt light is. Knowing these positions, and where the light placed to create them, will help you see how photographers light their images. These are departure points from which you will create your own look and direction. Its hard to depart from someplace you have never been there. This will teach you the basics and give you a good foundation to build on.
This video is not as slick as some of the others we have done but it has great basic instructions on portrait lighting. (Don’t miss the ending its the most exciting part!)