Walker Projected – Round 3

Walker Projected – Round 3

Last night saw the third and final round of the Projected Walker Trophy competition.

Consensus of opinion was that Maggie Tear was a superb judge, providing a clear and concise summary of each image without the usual “crop this”, “crop that”, “Photoshop that” type comments.

View Maggie (and Ron’s) work at http://www.ronandmaggietear.co.uk/

A big congratulations to Carolyne Barber who once again won a competition with her absolutely superb entry “Balancing”.

Congratulations also to Peter Hall, Carolyne Barber (again), & Keith Mautterer who took 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.

The winners are shown below.  To see all entries click HERE

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Competition versus Chingford

Competition versus Chingford

Well we were well beaten by Chingford in our first external competition of 2013 losing out by approximately 1.5 points per image.

Congratulations to Stephanie who was our highest placed entry.


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Walker Projected – Round 2

Walker Projected – Round 2

The second round (of three) of the Walker Projected competition took place on Monday 18th February.

Due to the number of entries each person was limited to three images.

Once again there was a very high standard of entries with a different winner this contest, Carolyne Barber.

1st Place – Carolyne Barber – Gull

2nd Place – John Cross – The Meadows in Winter

3ed Place – Carolyne Barber – Great Flight

4th Place – Matt Russell – From Inside the Bus

There are three galleries below, the first for the winner and the placed images,the second for those images ‘held back’, and the other for the other entries.

If you click on any photo it will open in a lightbox and from there you can toggle through all the photos in that gallery.  You can also Tweet or Facebook Like a photo from the lightbox.

Click here to see all entries

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Walker Trophy – Projected Round 1

Walker Trophy – Projected Round 1

The first round of the Walker Projected competition took place on the 28th January 2013.

Due to the number of entries each person was limited to three images.

On a night that Stephanie Waterman couldn’t attend due to illness Ian Waterman not only secured his first ever point in any Walker competition (in 6 years of trying) he won the competition with his excellent entry, Reflection on the Morning After.

2nd Place – Carolyne Barber

3rd Place –

4th Place –

The gallery below shows the 1st to 4th places.

All entered images can be found HERE.

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