David Mason – Street Photography

David Mason – Street Photography

David Mason is a street photographer based in London.  He will be presenting his talk ‘I Shoot People’.

Check out his website to get a flavour of his work.


[pullquote]I am a British born photographer, I take great pleasure in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, often documenting the surreal happenings on the city streets.

Most of my photography is shot in London, a city I am proud to call my home. London offers a constant changing canvas of textures, people and events, My preference, regarding the type of images I produce, is that they have an honesty about them, captured in camera with little, if any, post-processing.

I lecture widely on Street photography. I have exhibited in various group shows and, to date, have had three solo exhibitions.[/pullquote] – David Mason

A Mountaineer’s Eye View of…

On Monday the 13th May 2013 Chris Hutchinson  will present his talk – A Mountaineer’s Eye View of SE England

I don’t have much information regarding this talk but found the following review from the Whitechurch Hill Camera Club;

A strange title for this talk, which turned out to be a complete mixture of subjects, humorously presented by Chris Hutchinson.

Ranging from unusual buildings, pub signs and wonderful British landscapes, Chris kept members well amused by his funny anecdotes. At the same time, his slides were excellent, particularly the landscapes.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to go abroad to get good photographs, the British Isles has a lot to offer.





Roger Hance

Roger Hance


Red Grouse In Flight

Some pictures  are easy to take, some are not so easy and some can be incredibly difficult !!

A lot of the time you cannot tell from the picture which is which. In this slide talk I show how I have obtained some of my best Natural History images and the `dodges` I have had to get up to in order to get the winning shot.

Covering Foxes, Adders, Birds and Insects and more, this talk finishes with my showing the set of slides with which I gained my fourth Fellowship to the RPS  in the Natural History category.


John Laws – New Insights Digital

John Laws – New Insights Digital

1John Law is an imaginative, passionate and creative award-winning photographer with an eye for the unusual. He shoots quirky and iconic images of locations, architecture, people and panoramas, and specialises in creating digital component images.

One of fewer than 150 photographers worldwide to hold the coveted MFIAP award – and only the sixth recipient in the UK – John Law was the first photographer to gain this renowned accreditation with a digital submission.