Street Art – Brick Lane and Shoreditch

Street Art – Brick Lane and Shoreditch

The Brick Lane / Shoreditch area of London is a great place to explore if you have any interest in the Street Art scene.

The art is ever changing with some pieces being painted over, others ruined by tags and some removed by the council.

The key thing is to keep your eyes open and look everywhere, especially behind you.  Some art is high up on walls, some low down and only 6 inches tall, and other pieces down narrow alleyways.

Each time I have visited, about once a year, there has always been something new to look at.

A couple of weeks ago both John Cross, and Philip Atkinson independently photographed the area.  What is interesting is that each found good art that the other had missed.

A couple of resources include;


John Cross

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Philip Atkinson

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