Camera Craft Cup

Thursday night saw us at Enfield for the Camera Craft Cup. We had this down as later in March, but the competition had changed date and Enfield didn’t chase up an email which had gone to the wrong address, so we only found out late on… Also apologies for not sending the meeting’s link out sooner than a few minutes before the start of the meeting, my bad.

The Camera Craft Cup is a competition for digital images that usually takes place between 8 clubs, with 6 images each, but last night there were 7. Perhaps another club didn’t get the chase either.

Here are the results.
1 Edmonton 109 points
2. Loughton 108 points
3. Walthamstow 107 points
4. Potters Bar 106 points
5. Southgate 104 points
6. Enfield 102 points
7. Hoddesdon 102 points

And here is how our images scored. Judging was Naomi Saul.

Many happy returns by Jane Hobson – 17
Kilchurn castle by Jane Hobson – 16
Leadenhall market by Ian Waterman – 19
Common puffballs and fly by Thom Barry – 18
New year’s day Lasers by Philip Atkinson – 18
Hamnoy by John Cross – 19

Summer Photography Course – 2022

summer photography course walthamstow 2022

4th July until 8th August – 6 weeks for £55

(plus booking fee)

Monday evenings – 8.00pm – 10.00pm

After taking a break in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic we returned in 2021 with a very successful course with most members staying on in the club.

It is highly likely to be oversubscribed so if you are interested in attending please sign up as soon as possible.

The course is both practical and theoretical with the simple aim that by the end of the course you will take better photographs.

Over the years hundreds of people have attended, enjoyed, and gained from taking part in the course.

We find that people attend for a whole variety of reasons with common reasons being;

  • Stuck in a rut of taking snapshots and wanting to take quality photos instead
  • Buying a dSLR and never taking it off the automatic setting
  • A rekindling of an interest in photography
  • Technique and science of photography
  • Photographic outings
  • Practical assignments

There will also be one weekend outing in Lloyd Park where attendees can practice techniques and ask tutors questions.

Additionally each week practical assignments will be set which relate to what has been covered that week in the course.

This practical work is optional and whilst reviewed this is done anonymously.  Many people find this the best aspect of the course as it stretches photographic skills into areas they may not previously have taken.

We find that most people tend to own dSLR cameras but bridge or compact cameras are often owned.  In the Society many people use bridge or compact cameras including competition winners.

The price of the course is only £55 

This includes membership of the Society until 31st December 2022 (worth £35)

Outline Timetable

Week 1

Understanding the basics – Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus points and how these all fit together

Practical – out in the garden. Taking photos with a large aperture plus the opportunity to chat to instructors about your camera and its settings (where things are and how to change them).

We’ll also cover focus points and focus modes.

Week 2

Introduction to editing – covering some of the most useful editing practices such as cropping and straightening, shadows and highlights, exposure, black & white conversion etc.

We’ll probably stick to using Windows Photos and Mac Photos but may include Affinity Photo which is currently on sale at half price of approx £25.

Practical – ISO & Shutter speed – back into the garden to play around with these two settings and how they affect your photos.

Again, this gives attendees the chance to chat to instructors and members of the Society about their cameras and settings.

Week 3

How to take photos like these & mistakes to avoid – have you viewed photos and wondered how they were taken? This session will go through a varied selection of photos with explanations of how they were taken and the settings.

We all make mistakes when taking photos so we’ll be covering some things to avoid and how to correct them.

Tabletop photography – another chance to get your camera out for a practical session.

This time it will be tabletop photography. Lighting and objects will be supplied.

Week 4

Composition – there are certain ‘rules’ of photography that can improve your photos. We’ll cover these off, and also when to break these.

Street photography – hints and tips for this ever popular genre.

Week 5

Landscape photography – most people will take landscape photos at some point, even if it isn’t their main focus of photography.

Here we will look at techniques to improve your landscapes and things to avoid doing.

Weekend Travel – how to improve your photography on your city breaks and day trips.

Photographing people – we’ll look at family photography and social photography, including the use of flash.

Week 6

Mobile phone photography – most people will use their mobile for photography to some extent. We’ll explore the best techniques and editing tools for this.

Other photography – a round-up of other techniques and photography not covered in the main sessions. Time-lapse, drone photography, panoramas, 360 photos etc.

Course wrap-up

Students will present (if they want to) their favourite photo they have taken during the course.

A bit about the Society and how it can benefit your photography.


“I did not arrive with any particular preconceptions or specific expectations. Course has been very enjoyable and I am very happy with the content.”

“From my perspective the course has had a nice balance. I have sought to attend on Monday evenings and to participate in the field events.”

“As a novice I have learnt a great deal about photography and camera settings”

“I joined the 2013 Walthamstow Photographic Society Summer School.  Prior to this my photography was limited to trying to get better holiday photos than my friends, and I had never taken the camera off auto.

“At the Summer School I learnt about the different settings on my camera, how to technically take a good photo, how to be creative taking photos, and most importantly from the homework I was encouraged to try photographing a whole range of different subjects pushing me out of my comfort zone.”

“Two years later, thanks to the start given at the Summer School, my photography and confidence has come on in leaps and bounds.”

“I enjoy entering the club competitions and interclub competitions and in 2015 I won the 1 in 100 interclub competition had 6 acceptances for the Southampton International Exhibition.” – Caroline Preece

Previous attendees have come from Walthamstow, Leyton, Leytonstone, South Woodford, Woodford, Wanstead, & Chingford.

Walker Trophy Print Competition – Round 3

Walker Trophy Print Competition – Round 3

Competition Results

Last week was the third and deciding round of the Walker Trophy for prints, and we also awarded the inaugural John Parish Memorial Cup for the best landscape on the night.
Our judge on the evening was Mark Buckley-Sharpe.

Mick Ralph is the overall winner of the 2020 Walker Trophy and the winner of the John Parish Memorial Cup. Congratulations, Mick!

Here are the winners on the evening.
1. Mick Ralph, Seascape (above) 12 + 2 = 14 points
2. Thom Barry, Land, Sea, Sky 10 + 2 = 12 points
3. Andy Charles, City of Shadow 8 + 2 = 10 points
4. Andy Charles, Misty Lake 6 + 0 = 6 points


Final Result

The overall results look like this:
1. Mick Ralph 8+2+2+12+2 = 26 points
2. Thom Barry 6+2+2+10+2 = 22 points
3. Andy Charles 2+2+8 + 6+2 = 20 points
4. John Cross 12+2+2+2 = 18 points
5. Jackie Robinson 12+2+0+2 = 16 points
6. David Hall 10+2+2+2 = 16 points
7. James Thatcher 8+2+2+2 = 14 points
8. Naomi Furnace 8+2+2+1 = 13 points
9. Caroline Preece 10+2+0+0 = 12 points

Well done everyone, and well done John for working it all out, it’s certainly beyond me…


By Giulia Hetherington
Newsletter Editor

Projected Image Competition at Chingford

Projected Image Competition at Chingford

Competition Scores

Last Monday (24th Feb 2020) we were at Chingford for the annual digital battle, judged by Ron Tear.
We won – by one point – 358 to 357.

Here’s how our images scored, including four 20s (in bold)…

Andy Charles    Cop shop, Forest Road    18
Andy Charles    Somerset House    18
Caroline Preece    In the Window    18
Caroline Preece    Littlehampton Seafront    16
Caroline Preece    Vlores, Albania     20 (1st image above)
Giulia Hetherington    New Year’s Eve    16
Jackie Robinson    Black, White and Red    18
Jackie Robinson    Shadow Mesh    17
James Thatcher    Fawns in the Frost    18
James Thatcher    Kingfisher, Madagascar    18
James Thatcher    Storm Dennis Hits the Kent Coast    20  (2nd image above)
John Cross    Central Park, New York    19
John Cross    Manhattan from Brooklyn    18
John Cross    The Vessel, Hudson’s Yard, New York    17
Naomi Furnace    Sunset over Sheffield    16
Naomi Furnace    In the Spotlight    20  (3rd image above)
Sue Shickle    Humpback Whale    16
Thomas Barry    Scrawny Sparrow    20  (4th image above)
Thomas Barry    Pied Wagtail    19
Thomas Barry    Ducks    16


The return match for prints will be held on November 30th.


By Giulia Hetherington
Newsletter Editor


Walker Trophy Print Competition – Round 2

Walker Trophy Print Competition – Round 2

Results and scores so far...

Last Monday John Woolliams judged Walker Round 2 for us, and the results are as follows…

1. Black, White & Red (above) by Jackie Robinson    12+2 points = 14 points
2. Littlehampton Seafront by Caroline Preece             10+2 points = 12 points
3. Lamplight by Mick Ralph                                            8+2 points = 10 points
4. Scrawny Sparrow by Thom Barry                               6+2 points = 8 points


The overall results, so far, are as follows:

John Cross                      12+2+2 = 16 points
Jackie Robinson             12+2+0 = 14 points
David Hall                        10+2+2 = 14 points
Caroline Preece               10+2+0 = 12 points
Mick Ralph                        8+2+2 = 12 points
James Thatcher               8+2+2 = 12 points
Thomas Barry                   6+2+2 = 10 points
Naomi Furnace                 6+2+2 = 10 points


By Giulia Hetherington
Newsletter Editor