This coming Monday sees a derby competition against our friends and rivals Chingford Photographic Society.

This is an annual competition between the two societies and will be held at;

Chingford Horticultural Hall

Larkshall Road

Chingford, E4 6PE

There is a small car park and plenty of on street parking.

Each Society will present 20 digital images to be judged out of 20. The highest aggregate score wins.

Last year Chingford beat us 244 to 242 in a very close contest.

Come along and provide support for Walthamstow!!


It was a close call, but we were beaten at Chingford on Monday by 2 points, having led all the way until just about the last couple of images.

Here’s how we scored, judged by Dave Wilcox, marked out of 10.

End of the Road by Philip Atkinson, 9.5
Angel Amongst the Stars by Philip Atkinson, 9.5
Leg Shadow by John Bark, 6
View from the Golden Jubilee Bridge by Thomas Barry, 8.5
Lost in the Mist by Andy Charles, 9
The Haunted Forest by John Cross, 10
Early Morning on the River Lea by John Cross, 9
Punk Isn’t Dead by John Cross, 8
White Amaryllis by Teresa Elwes, 7
Over the Horizon by Teresa Elwes, 8
Glory by Peter Hall, 7
Winter Crow by Giulia Hetherington, 6
Holy Innocents in the Mist by Giulia Hetherington, 7.5
Beach portrait by Keith Mautterer, 7
Something Fishy Going on by Keith Mautterer, 10
Gemma by Caroline Preece, 8.5
A State of Bliss by Mick Ralph, 10
Dom by Matt Russell, 7.5
The X Factor by James Thatcher, 8.5
The Doctor Calls by Michael Ward, 8

Below are our tens, plus one of Phil’s 9.5s  (the judge clearly didn’t mind that the lighthouse was on the left!!) for good measure. Oh, and we’re back there in four weeks’ time for the Basildon Trophy…
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