We have a set format for all digital image competitions which must be followed.

It’s relatively simple but we still get errors, typically;

  • not re-named at all
  • not using spaces or capitals
  • not following the naming convention

It is important that the naming convention is followed as the software we use ‘looks’ at the underscores and from them determines the author and image title.

Digital Image Specifications 

  • The resolution of our projector is 1920 pixels (horizontal) by 1080 pixels (vertical). Anything submitted in excess of these dimensions will be downsized. An image too small will display small on the screen
  • File Format: jpg

Digital Image Filename:

The filename must be of the format    “XX_Your Name_Image Title

  • XX is the number of your image in order of preference, eg 01, 02, 03, 04
  • Your Name is of course your name, eg. Matt Russell (spaces are allowed between names)
  • Image Title is the name of the image, eg. From the Top Deck of the Bus (spaces are allowed between words)
  • Please use an underscore in between the number, your name, and the title.  An underscore is “_
  • An example would be   03_Matt Russell_From the Top Deck of the Bus

Digital Image submission: 

  • Images should be submitted online at http://wdps.org/competition-upload
  • All images must be named correctly or they may not be shown
  • A small number of images may be accepted on USB drive on the evening. If there is not sufficient time to load these to the PC then they will not be shown in the competition.

For external camera club competitions different dimensions may apply.