A great exhibition this year with many quality prints and projected images on display.

Many thanks to all those who exhibited, attended and helped out during the week.

Here are the results.  Once we have collated the images we shall display them on the Exhibition page.

George Kent Trophy for best colour print in the Exhibition

Winner:                        Matt Russell                                   Slash


Sheila Kilmartin Trophy for best B/W print in the exhibition.                           

Winner:                        Philip Atkinson                              Arin 1


Derek Meredith Progress Cup

Winner:             John Bark


Visitors’ Choice Award 2012  – voted for by visitors to last year’s Exhibition.

Winner:              Carolyne Barber                                  “Flight Across the Black”


St. Mary’s Church Open House Competition

2013 Summer Photography Course students – winner decided by public vote.

Winner:               William Bougourd


Class  C  Prints

1st  (trophy)                Jackie Robinson                           Sunset on the Wing

2nd (certificate)                   John Bark                                      Calling for Change

3rd  (certificate)                   Caroline Preece                          Girl in a Blue Dress


Thomas Barry                                                   Stratford

John Bark                                                         Waiting for St Paul

Giulia Hetherington                                        Secret World of Crossrail

Caroline Preece                                             Two Grumpy Old Men with Ice Cream

Highly Commended:

William Bougourd                                           Epsom 3

William Bougourd                                           Stonehenge

Marianne Zierau                                             Columbia Road Market

Keith Mautterer                                              Bodiam Castle

Sue Lacey                                                        Tree

Karen Magee                                                 Southwold Beach Huts

Class B Prints              John Braulik Trophy          

1st  (trophy)                 Matt Russell                                   Slash

2nd (certificate)          Philip Atkinson                              Arin 1

3rd (certificate)          Stephanie Waterman                 Brown Hare, Havergate Island


                   David Elms                                                       Kerry

Ian Waterman                                                 Talk to the Hand

John Cross                                                       European Brown Bear, Finland

Philip Atkinson                                                 Arin 2

Highly Commended:

David Elms                                                       Goslings

Ian Waterman                                                 Curves

John Cross                                                       In the Footsteps of Shackleton,

Fortuna Bay, South Georgia

Philip Atkinson                                                 Zigger, Zagger

Stephanie Waterman                                    Sweet Pea


Class  A Prints                               Doris Dodds Trophy

1st   (trophy)                Carolyne Barber                          Gull Emerges

2nd (certificate)                   Carolyne Barber                          Is She Local?

3rd  (certificate)                   Peter Hall                                       Eye of a Needle                                   


                                     Pauline Williams                            Georgina

Peter Hall                                       Tulip

Highly Commended:                 

                                     John Parish                                    Morning Mist 4

Pauline Williams                            Kate Moss

Mick Ralph                                    Quickstep

Andy Charles                                Electro Sign


Class C Projected Images                                                            Jubilee 2012 Trophy

1st    (trophy)            Keith Mautterer                                              Bookworm

2nd  (certificate)   John Bark                                                           Into Moore

3rd   (certificate)   John Bark                                                           Late Night Dog


                                     William Bougourd                                         Bee 2

Keith Mautterer                                              Having a Kip

Keith Mautterer                                              Where’s Big Ben?

John Bark                                                        Night Wheel

John Bark                                                        Double Reflection

         Highly Commended:

                                     William Bougourd                                         Wave Rider

Marianne Zierau                                           Walthamsnow

Janet Bowstead                                            Pollards

Keith Mautterer                                              The Eastern Lodge

John Bark                                                        Stepping Stones

John Bark                                                        Misty Morning

Giulia Hetherington                                      The Hothouse


Class  B  Projected Images

1st    (trophy)            John Cross                                                      Red Grouse

2nd (certificate)      David Elms                                                      Gull in Flight

3rd  (certificate)      Philip Atkinson                                      The Geek


                                     Andy Charles                                                 Sideways Gherkin

David Elms                                                      Marco

Matt Russell                                                     Say Cheese

John Cross                                                      Pine Marten

John Cross                                                      Silver Birch

         Highly Commended:

                                     Andy Charles                                                 Seeing and Looking

David Elms                                                      Publicity Shoot

Matt Russell                                                     On the Phone

Karen Magee                                                55 Broadway


Class  A  Projected Images

1st    (trophy)           Stephanie Waterman                                  Bee on Orange Flower

2nd (certificate)      Mick Ralph                                                      Run for It

3rd  (certificate)      Stephanie Waterman                                  Mute Swan on Nest


                                     Peter Hall                                                Rock Show

Peter Hall                                                Decorated Pillar

Mick Ralph                                                      Aqua Palette

         Highly Commended:

         Mick Ralph                                                                                  Guardians of the Peace

David Hall                                                                                   Cutting a Dash


Featured image copyright of Ignite Images