Following on from the success of our Annual Exhibition in the Welcome Centre this evening we have a review of the exhibition.

Unfortunately Malcolm Hardie the judge is not able to make it up from Whitstable tonight so we shall be conducting our own review.

All of the digital images entered into the Grainger Trophy on Wednesday evening were class winners, or certificate winners.

We shall go through the images and compare and contrast the comments from Malcolm and Gordon. There are some big differences!!!

In addition we shall have the time to showcase some prints, and should you wish to talk for a couple of minutes about your prints the opportunity will be available. They don’t need to have won any award – after all judges aren’t always right!

Featured image above is Autumn Angel by Philip Atkinson winner in Class B.

Class A Winner is Night Train by Peter Hall

peter hall photographer

Class C winner was Gate to the Forest by Mike Ward

mike ward photographer