The Summer Exhibition at the Winns Gallery in Lloyd Park is now over. Andy, John and Ian now don’t know what to do with their days!

It was our 5th exhibition there and our most popular attracting 1,200 visitors which is great.

Feedback both verbally and in the message book was universally positive and it’s clear that many people now seek us out each year as opposed to stumbling across us!

Visitors to the gallery are asked to vote for their favourite photo, which isn’t simple with 80 prints to vote for.

Here are the results, and congratulations to Jackie, a very worthy winner and one of the favourites of the author.

A selection of images will be added to this post once they have been collected so please check back.

1st  After Hopper by Jackie Robinson  (46 votes)
2nd  Stillness 3: Another Way of Seeing by Teresa Elwes  (40 votes)
3rd  Candystripe Impression by Ian Waterman  (37 votes)
4th  A Man Who Wasn’t There by Mick Ralph  (31 votes)
5th  Mother and cub, Resolution Island, Nunavut, by John Cross  (29 votes)
=5th  The X Factor by James Thatcher  (29 votes)
7th  Misty Sunset by Thomas Barry  (24 votes)
8th  Berlin Underground by Sara Uddin  (23 votes)
9th  The Two Sisters, Glencoe by John Cross  (22 votes)
10th  Volcano, Chile by Naomi Furnace  (21 votes)
=10th  Hawthorn by Giulia Hetherington  (21 votes)