Programme 2014

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Welcome to the 2013 programme.

Please be aware there may be changes which may need to be made during the year so check out the Monday Night section on the homepage.

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6th        Arthur Ash – Passport to India

13th      Judy & Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS, CPAGB, APAGB – Our Journey in Printing

We talk about making prints, using our own as examples. We progress from neg/pos and reversal darkroom work to current digital printing. Prints are shown to illustrate and discuss various aspects of print making, including composition, colour, retouching, and mounting. Originally designed as a workshop for a small number of beginner/intermediate photographers, this talk is now usually given as a larger group presentation.

20th      Kevin & Margery Maskell – A Moment in Time

A selection of colour and monochrome images – creative, patterns, studio, landscapes and wildlife.

27th      Walker Trophy (projected) – Round 1
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3rd         Philip Shaw – Getting the Bird

Phil Shaw is a nature photographer with over 30 years experience.  Based in Essex he teaches wildlife photography and conducts photo tours.

10th       John Abrook – In the Eye of the Beholder

17th       Competition (projected) versus Chingford Photographic Society @ Chingford

24th       Walker Trophy (projected) – Round 2

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3rd          Alan Gore – Now and Then

10th        John Cross – ‘In the footsteps of Shackleton’

Reflections on a trip to The Falkland islands (in the year of the 25th anniversary of the battle), South Georgia, The South Orkney islands, Elephant Island, (where Shackleton’s men spent over 3 months waiting for his return) the Antarctic peninsula, the South Shetland islands and back to Ushuaia, where we started the journey.

In South Georgia we walked the last 3 miles of Shackleton’s journey from Fortuna bay to the Norwegian run Stromness whaling station which he undertook after sailing 800 miles in an open boat and crossing South Georgia on foot.

17th        Members Evening

24th        Walker Trophy (projected) – Round 3

31st         Jane Goodall – The Beautiful Light

“My Beautiful light lecture reveals my approach to landscape photography or environmental family photoshoots. I bring Prints, my kit and a few surprises!” – Jane

many thanks for coming to Biggleswade and presenting your Beautiful Light print talk. Everyone thought it was fantastic and I have had several members tell me that you are the best speaker we have ever had – not sure what that says about my other bookings! Seriously though, it was one of the best presentations in my 20 years at Biggleswade so thanks again

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7th           Walker Trophy (prints) – Round 1

14th         1 in 100 Competition at Walthamstow

This is a competition where there will be 100 print entries from various clubs in the region.  As the name suggests there is only one winner.

21st          Bank Holiday – no meeting

28th         Keith Leedham FRPS EFIAP – An Evening of National and International prize winning AV sequences

“This is an evening not to be missed for A-V enthusiasts who wish to see a body of work by as well known and very accomplished producer of Audio-Visual sequences, which have been entered successfully in many national and international AV festivals and competitions.

Keith has been on the committee of the RPS AV International Festival for many years, as well as serving at least 5 years as Chairman of the RPS AV Group and 8 years on the RPS AV Distinctions Panel.

Keith gained his FRPS in AV 1987, achieved FIPF in 1995 and the EFIAP in 1997.

Keith judges at many events all over the country as well as being the main speaker at most RPS AV regions. He has also been chairman of the judges for the National AV Championships.

At local level, Keith is a founder member and currently Vice Chairman of the Essex AV Group.”

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5th      Bank Holiday – no meeting

12th    Match-a-Print Competition

19th    Walker Trophy (prints) – Round 3

26th    Bank Holiday – no meeting

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2nd       Fabien Ho – Image 17  Likely to be a very different talk to many at the club.  Check out Fabien’s website for a sample of his                work.

9th        Mark Pardoe

16th      Albert Bale Trophy – Print trophy for human portraits

23rd     City Walk – led by Mick Ralph

30th     Summer Photography Course

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7th         Summer Photography Course

14th       Summer Photography Course

21st        Summer Photography Course

28th       Summer Photography Course

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4th          Summer Photography Course

11th        Summer Photography Course

18th        Summer Photography Course

25th        Bank Holiday – no meeting

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1st            New Member’s Evening

A lighthearted team quiz which allows existing and new members of the Society to get to know one another.

8th           Photoshop 

3 members of the club will demonstrate various aspects of Photoshop to members.

15th         Centenary Cup

This is a an Audio/ Visual competition.  It is the only competition voted on by members.

22nd        Nicola Tree – London based Photographer, specialising in Portrait and Product Photography and a member of Image17

“I’m a London based photographer. In my work I like to focus on people and their communities. I regularly exhibit my work in solo or group shows.

I am currently working on a portrait project for Getty Images called Vocation, focusing on creatives who have chosen their work.

For this project I have found some highly skilled designers and makers in my local area of North East London, working in all kinds of spaces from tiny garden sheds to railway arches.

Their wares being sold in some of grandest stores in London. The series features a ceramist, a saddler and bespoke leather maker, a silversmith, up cycle clothing designers, cake maker and decorator, and a printmaker who’s studio serves coffee and homemade cakes, a up cycling upholsterer, a slower gin brewer who paints and sells canvas’s of birds, a weaver who produces scarves, a quilt maker who creates bespoke pieces.

Each sitter actively chooses where and how they would like to be portrayed.”

29th          Albert Bale Trophy – Round 3

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6th             Clive Tanner FRPS – Divine Light

13th           The Goddard Trophy

A print trophy where members must show 4 linked images.

20th          The Dick & Dave Digital AV Show – Dave Wilcox & Dick Williams, ARPS, DPAGB

Dick has had a keen interest in photography for over 30 years.  Currently Chairman of The Essex Audio Visual Group holding this position for over 20 years along with the Chairman’s job of organising the The East Anglian Audio Visual Competition each year.  Since 1995 has served on the RPS International Audio Visual Festival committee as part of the technical team.

Dave Wilcox is a member of Upminster Camera Club and Treasurer for the Essex Audio Visual Group.  He  hase been interested in, and making audio-visual sequences, since 1996.  Dave has also been teaching PTE and Photoshop to groups for some time.

27th           Annual Exhibition

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3rd             Exhibition Appraisal – the judge will provide feedback on the exhibition and winning images.

10th           Annual General Meeting

17th           Print competition versus Chingford Photographic Society at Walthamstow

24th           Colin Southgate – The Picture Wot I Took

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1st                EAF DVD

8th               Christmas Party

15th             Barbara Lindsay – Creative Photography

22nd            No meeting

29th             No meeting