The Walker Trophy


There are two Walker trophy competitions each year, one for prints and one for projected images.

The trophy for each competition is awarded based on the results accumulated over the three parts of each competition. For 2022, as an experiment, we are trialling a new system where each image will be awarded a score out of 20 points. If there are multiple images scoring a maximum of 20 points, on the night,  then the judge will be asked to pick their favourite image.

Whilst up to 4 images can be entered for each round of the competition only the 2 highest scores for each person will count to their total score. The member with the highest total score after the 3 rounds will be declared the winner. If there is a tie, the number of “favourite” images the member has will be taken into account and if that still brings about a ties then the number of 20’s will be next.

Unlike the previous Walker competitions an image can only be entered once in any round of the competition, whether it has had a maximum score or not.


Round 3 of the Print Competition
The third round of the Walker Trophy (prints only) is the John Parish Memorial Trophy round, and the theme is ‘landscape’.
For the purposes of this competition, we are defining landscape to include seascapes and cityscapes, and the images can be in black and white or colour.
The images can include people, animals, birds, and other objects, but these must not be the main subject of the image, which is the environment. No close-ups of buildings, art, or graffiti, for example, will be allowed.

Winner’s Bonus

The winner of a Walker trophy will gain the equivalent of one certificate of merit (Exhibition) to advance their exhibition status. A limiting factor will be: –

  • To gain entry to Class ‘B’, a Class ‘C’ worker must also gain at least one certificate from the Exhibition.
  • To gain entry to Class ‘A’, a Class ‘B’ worker must also gain at least three certificates from the Exhibition.


Digital Image Specifications

  • Image Size: maximum 1920 pixels horizontal, and 1024 pixels vertical.
  • File Format: jpg

Digital Image Filename:

The filename must be of the format    “XX_Your Name_Image Title”

  • XX is the number of your image in order of preference, eg 01, 02, 03, 04
  • Your Name is, of course, your name, eg. Matt Russell (spaces are allowed between names)
  • Image Title is the name of the image, eg. From the Top Deck of the Bus (spaces are allowed between words)
  • Please use an underscore in between the number, your name, and the title.  An underscore is “_”
  • An example would be   03_Matt Russell_From the Top Deck of the Bus

Digital Image submission:

  • Your images must be submitted by sending them to [email protected] by the Sunday evening prior to the competition
  • All images must be named correctly or they may not be shown
  • A small number of images may be accepted on a USB stick on the evening. If there is not sufficient time to load these to the PC then they will not be shown in the competition.