Camera Craft Cup

Thursday night saw us at Enfield for the Camera Craft Cup. We had this down as later in March, but the competition had changed date and Enfield didn’t chase up an email which had gone to the wrong address, so we only found out late on… Also apologies for not sending the meeting’s link out sooner than a few minutes before the start of the meeting, my bad.

The Camera Craft Cup is a competition for digital images that usually takes place between 8 clubs, with 6 images each, but last night there were 7. Perhaps another club didn’t get the chase either.

Here are the results.
1 Edmonton 109 points
2. Loughton 108 points
3. Walthamstow 107 points
4. Potters Bar 106 points
5. Southgate 104 points
6. Enfield 102 points
7. Hoddesdon 102 points

And here is how our images scored. Judging was Naomi Saul.

Many happy returns by Jane Hobson – 17
Kilchurn castle by Jane Hobson – 16
Leadenhall market by Ian Waterman – 19
Common puffballs and fly by Thom Barry – 18
New year’s day Lasers by Philip Atkinson – 18
Hamnoy by John Cross – 19