Hot on the heels of the projected Walker Trophy competition this Monday sees the first round of the print competition.

You are able to submit up to 4 prints for the competition with the amount shown being dependent upon the number of entries. There are 3 rounds to the competition with the the overall winner being the person with the highest aggregate score.

Points are awarded for the top 4 prints (depending upon the number of entries).

The judge for the evening will be Marc Edwards.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You are only able to enter an image twice into ANY Walker Trophy. So, if you have entered an image twice into the Walker Projected competition you are not allowed to enter it into the print trophy. The entry limit of twice does include previous years of the Walker.  Additionally, if any image has been placed, or won a Walker competition (in any year) it cannot be entered again.


This Monday due to the number of entries a maximum of 3 prints will be entered into the competition.

Good luck everyone.