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Welcome to 2017!

I hope all members of the Society had a great Christmas and New Year and that Santa Claus brought you what you wanted.

Kicking off 2017 we have an informal competition between members. This is ‘just for fun’ and the only trophy is kudos of having won.

It will be a knockout competition whereby images will be pitted against each other in pairs and member voting by show of hands which is their favourite.

The winner will be the one with most votes in the final knockout round.

We ran this system for a black and white competition last year and it worked well and importantly was fun.

The theme of the competition is Autumn / Winter to be interpreted in the widest sense. Remember though that too far off on a tangent and members may ‘not get it’!

All we ask is that the images have been taken since autumn started in 2016. The whole concept of the competition is to get members out there taking photos and not re-hashing past photos.

It is thought that we will present up to 3 photos per member, but if there is a dearth of entries we may bump this up to 4.

Standard naming protocol;

eg. 02_Philip Atkinson_A Winter Scene in Newcastle

(spaces and capital letters are allowed in the naming protocol – just make sure those underscores are in the correct place – that is what the computer looks for)

As is the norm with digital competitions please upload images to;


I am looking into an alternative upload method as there are at times issues with a confirmation message appearing (although to date all images have been received).

Featured image by Peter Hall