As part of the WDPS Annual Exhibition we shall be hosting an inter-society photographic competition on Wednesday 28th October 2015.

The competition will start at 8pm.

This year the competition will be contested between Walthamstow & District Photographic Society and Barnet and Finchley Photographic Society.

It is a competition for digital images. 15 images will be shown from each society and the judge will score each out of 20. The highest aggregate score shall win the coveted Grainger Trophy.

Visitors are more than welcome. There is car parking at the Welcome Centre.


Barnet & Finchley Photographic Society                         253 points

Potters Bar Photographic Society                                     253 points

WDPS                                                                                     230 points

Barnet were declared the winners as they had the same number of images with 20 points (4 each) but 3 images with a score of 19 whilst Potters Bar had none.

Peelings The D J Chicago Flamingo Aurora Borealis, Alaska