Programme 2018

Programme 2018

Welcome to the 2018 programme.

Please be aware there may be changes which may need to be made during the year so check out the Monday Night section on the homepage and for more comprehensive information about the speakers, competitions, or member’s evenings.

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8th  Member’s Evening

An informal competition with the theme of ‘Autumn / Winter’

This will be a member voted knockout competition.

15th Pauline Martindale

Me and My Camera

22nd Gareth Davies

Panorama photography

29th Walker Projected

Round one (of three) of the Walker Projected Competition.

Members may submit up to four digital images.

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5th Member’s Evening

Practical portrait photography

3 or 4 photo studios shall be set up in the hall

12th Bob Johnson

The wildebeast migration

19th Projected image competition against Chingford Photographic Society

A local ‘derby’ match against our friends from Chingford

This will take place at their premises;

See their website for details

26th Walker Projected

Round two (of three) of the Walker Projected Competition.

Members may submit up to four digital images.


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5th Dave Wilcox

Love London!

12th Member’s evening

Portfolio evening

19th Walker Projected

Round three (of three) of the Walker Projected Competition.

Members may submit up to four digital images.

26th Member’s evening

Software & soft proofing



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2nd Easter Monday – no meeting

9th 1 in a 60 Competition

Held at Walthamstow. Barking and Harlow also taking part.

60 images – one winner!

16th Gary Perimutter

Street photography

23rd Walker Print Competition

Round one (of three) of the Walker Print Competition

Members may submit up to four prints.

30th Member’s Evening

  1. How to make an AV presentation – Phil Atkinson
  2. How to make a timelapse



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7th May – No meeting (bank holiday)

14th Walker Print Competition

Round two (of three) of the Walker Print Competition

Members may submit up to four prints.

15th Walker Print Competition

Round two (of three) of the Walker Print Competition

Members may submit up to four prints.

21st Roger Hance

Sport in action


28th No Meeting (bank holiday)


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4th Ken Payne

Photoshop Elements and Lightroom

11th Walker Print Competition

Round three (of three) of the Walker Print Competition

Members may submit up to four prints.

18th City Walk

A members evening where there will be a photographic ramble around the City (somewhere)

25th Summer Photography Course


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2rd Summer Photography Course

9th Summer Photography Course

16th Summer Photography Course

30th Summer Photography Course


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6th Summer Photography Course

13th Summer Photography Course

20th New Member’s Evening

27th No Meeting (bank holiday)


[toggle title=”September”]

3rd Members Evening

An informal knockout competition

Theme = ‘Summer’

10th Centenary Trophy

The annual Audio Visual competition

17th John and Anne Wallington

The Capital Ring

24th Albert Bale Trophy

Portrait competition. Members may submit up to two prints.


[toggle title=”October”]

1st Adam Juniper

Drone photography

8th Goddard Trophy

Panel competition. Members may enter a panel of four prints linked by a theme.

15th Inter club competition

An eight way club competition held at Walthamstow

22nd – 27th Annual Exhibition

Held our usual Monday evening meeting space



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5th Annual General Meeting

12th John Cross

Our very own intrepid traveller – covering Travel Photography

19th Member’s evening

In the style of……

26th Print competition

The second of our local derby competitions against Chingford Photographic Society.

Held at Walthamstow


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The East Anglia Federation DVD

10th Christmas Party

17th No Meeting

Informal drinks may be held in The Bell

24th No Meeting – it’s Christmas Eve after all



People’s Vote – Summer Exhibition 2017

People’s Vote – Summer Exhibition 2017

The Summer Exhibition at the Winns Gallery in Lloyd Park is now over. Andy, John and Ian now don’t know what to do with their days!

It was our 5th exhibition there and our most popular attracting 1,200 visitors which is great.

Feedback both verbally and in the message book was universally positive and it’s clear that many people now seek us out each year as opposed to stumbling across us!

Visitors to the gallery are asked to vote for their favourite photo, which isn’t simple with 80 prints to vote for.

Here are the results, and congratulations to Jackie, a very worthy winner and one of the favourites of the author.

A selection of images will be added to this post once they have been collected so please check back.

1st  After Hopper by Jackie Robinson  (46 votes)
2nd  Stillness 3: Another Way of Seeing by Teresa Elwes  (40 votes)
3rd  Candystripe Impression by Ian Waterman  (37 votes)
4th  A Man Who Wasn’t There by Mick Ralph  (31 votes)
5th  Mother and cub, Resolution Island, Nunavut, by John Cross  (29 votes)
=5th  The X Factor by James Thatcher  (29 votes)
7th  Misty Sunset by Thomas Barry  (24 votes)
8th  Berlin Underground by Sara Uddin  (23 votes)
9th  The Two Sisters, Glencoe by John Cross  (22 votes)
10th  Volcano, Chile by Naomi Furnace  (21 votes)
=10th  Hawthorn by Giulia Hetherington  (21 votes)

Summer Exhibition – Winns Gallery in Lloyd Park 2017

Summer Exhibition – Winns Gallery in Lloyd Park 2017

The Society return to the Winns Gallery for their 5th Summer Photography Exhibition.

It runs from Monday 21st August to Sunday 3th September 2017 from 11am to 5pm each day.

The exhibition showcases the work of over 20 photographers from the Society and over 70 prints.

The diverse body of work reflects the different styles and interests of the photographers and there will be something for everybody to appreciate.

We look forward to meeting you there.

On Monday the 21st August there will be an open evening at 7pm where there will be the opportunity to meet members and have a glass of wine or two! We shall then retire to the Bell for further drinks and discussion.

Walker Trophy 2017 Projected Round 1

Walker Trophy 2017 Projected Round 1

The first competition of 2017 had a lot of entries, so much so that we were only able to show the first two entries from each person.

Even so 56 images were judged last night and the competition was tough.

Congratulations to Mike Ward for not only winning, but also securing 3rd place!! Can anyone catch him now?

Here are the winning images;

1st – Mike Ward – The Doctor Calls

01_Michael Ward_The Doctor Calls

2nd – Sue Shickle – Waterfall

01_sue shickle_waterfall

3rd – Mike Ward – Gateway to the City

02_Michael Ward_Gateway to The City

4th – Thomas Barry – View from Golden Jubilee Bridge

01_Thomas Barry_View from Golden Jubilee Bridge


Competitions 2017

Competitions 2017

Below is the provisional list of both internal and external competitions of the Society.

Be aware that there may be changes which will be announced in the newsletter and in meetings.

Competition/Exhibitions Date Last entries Image type Location Judge
Autumn and Winter 09/Jan/2017 08/Jan/2016 Projected Greenleaf Road Members vote
Walker projected 1 30/Jan/2017 29/Jan/2017 Projected Greenleaf road Ken Payne
Slide battle with Chingford 13/Feb/2017 06/Feb/2017* Projected Chingford Dave Wilcox
Walker projected 2 27/Feb/2017 21/Feb/2017 Projected Greenleaf road John Woolliams
Basildon Trophy 13/March/2017 06/Mar/2017* B&W Prints Loughton Graham Parry
Walker projected 3 20/March/2017 19/Mar/2017 Projected Greenleaf road Dave Wilcox
Camera craft cup 23/March/2017 12/Mar/2017* Projected Enfield, Gentleman’s Row Colin Southgate FRPS, CPAGB
1 in 100 competition 10/April/2017 03/April/2017* Projected Chingford Sarah Kelman
Walker prints 1 24/April/2017 24/April/2017 Prints Greenleaf road Ken Payne
Chigwell 4 way ??? Projected Chigwell Camera club
The Barking Colour cup 11/May/2017 ??/May/2017 Prints Eastbury Manor, Barking Dr Roger Winter
Walker prints 2 15/May/2017 08/May/2017 Prints Greenleaf road
In the style of… 22/May/2017 22/May/2017 Projected Greenleaf Road Members vote
E17 arts trail 03 – 18/June/2017 22/May/2017* Prints Ye old Rose and Crown N/A
Walker print 3 12/June/2017 05/June/2017 Prints Greenleaf road
Winns gallery Aug/Sep 2017? Prints Lloyds park
Centenary Trophy 11/Sep/2017 04/Sep/2017 A/V Show (max 5 mins) Greenleaf Road Members Vote
Albert Bale 25/Sept/2017 18/Sept/2017 Portrait prints Greenleaf road
Ware 8 way Oct/2017? Prints TBA
Goddard trophy 09/Oct/2017 02/Oct/2017 Panel of 4 prints Greenleaf road
Alan Coleman Trophy 19/Oct/2017 ??/Oct/2017* B&W prints Eastbury Manor, Barking Naomi Saul
Annual exhibition 23/Oct-28/Oct 2017 09/Oct/2017 Prints & projected Welcome centre
Bert Whittern Shield 24/Oct/2017 22/Oct/2017* Prints Welcome Centre
Grainger Trophy 25/Oct/2017 22/Oct/2017* Projected Welcome Centre
Loughton Anniversary Trophy ??/Nov/2017 ??/Oct/2017* Print & Projected Loughton
Chigwell 4 way ??/Nov/2017 ??/Nov/2017* Prints Chigwell
Print battle with Chingford 20/Nov/2017 13/Nov/2017* Prints Greenleaf road

The above chart is intended to be a summary of the competitions and exhibitions we will be taking part in, in the coming year. For internal competitions the ‘Last entry by’ is the latest date that your entries must be with the competition secretary (John Cross).

  • For projected images this date is the Sunday before the Monday of the competition. (
  • For Printed images this is the Monday preceding the date of the competition.
  • If you need your images printed and mounted then this needs to be done in plenty of time to meet the ‘Last entry by’ date. Ian ([email protected]) Ian Waterman can print and mount these for you but can’t do them all at the last minute! Late submissions may not be admitted!
  • For external competitions (marked with a ‘*’) the date is earlier as a selection committee will need to meet beforehand to decide which images will be entered
  • Images for internal, projected competitions should be no larger than 1920 pixels on the long side and named as follows: NN_Jane Doe_ A print title.jpg, Where NN is a number (01, 02, 03 ETC.) and ‘_’ is an underscore.
Digital Image Submission

Digital Image Submission

We have a set format for all digital image competitions which must be followed.

It’s relatively simple but we still get errors, typically;

  • not re-named at all
  • not using spaces or capitals
  • not following the naming convention

It is important that the naming convention is followed as the software we use ‘looks’ at the underscores and from them determines the author and image title.

Digital Image Specifications 

  • The resolution of our projector is 1920 pixels (horizontal) by 1080 pixels (vertical). Anything submitted in excess of these dimensions will be downsized. An image too small will display small on the screen
  • File Format: jpg

Digital Image Filename:

The filename must be of the format    “XX_Your Name_Image Title

  • XX is the number of your image in order of preference, eg 01, 02, 03, 04
  • Your Name is of course your name, eg. Matt Russell (spaces are allowed between names)
  • Image Title is the name of the image, eg. From the Top Deck of the Bus (spaces are allowed between words)
  • Please use an underscore in between the number, your name, and the title.  An underscore is “_
  • An example would be   03_Matt Russell_From the Top Deck of the Bus

Digital Image submission: 

  • Images should be submitted online at
  • All images must be named correctly or they may not be shown
  • A small number of images may be accepted on USB drive on the evening. If there is not sufficient time to load these to the PC then they will not be shown in the competition.

For external camera club competitions different dimensions may apply.